Priority directions and strategic guidelines for development

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A meeting of the labor collective of the hotel-restaurant and tourist business faculty took place.

September 13, 2018 The general meeting of the labor collective of the hotel-restaurant and tourist business faculty was held, at which the scientific-pedagogical workers and employees of the five departments were present: technology of restaurant and ayurvedic products; hotel and restaurant business; tourist and hotel business; life safety; foreign languages ​​of professional orientation.
An important issue in the agenda of the meeting was the election to the Academic Council, the collegial body of the faculty. The delegation was opened by a member of the organizing committee, vice-rector for science, professor Alexander Yevhenovich Shevchenko. The chairman, the secretary of the meeting and the counting commission were elected, from the candidacy of the chair to the Academic Council of the faculty.
After voting and appointment of the members of the Academic Council on the results of the Faculty’s team for 2017/2018, academic papers of the deans Viktor Fedorovich Dotsenko, particularly on the results of the summer introductory campaign, expressing gratitude to the members of the admission committee and emphasizing the team on activating vocational guidance work for the student contingent of the day distance learning forms. In his report, Viktor Fedorovich spoke about the effectiveness of educational, scientific, methodological, vocational guidance and educational work, focusing on issues of international activity and foreign practice of students, publishing activity in the publications Scopus and Web of Science, training literature and the development of electronic training courses, independent work of students.
The discussion of priority directions of development and tasks for the new academic year involved the head of the department of tourism and hotel business Daria Ivanovna Basyuk, the deputy head of the hotel and restaurant business department Oksana Volodimirivna Arpul, the acting head of the Department of Life Safety Natalia Valerievna Volodchenkova, deputy head of the department of technology restaurant and aurative products Vera Ihorivna Zyiko, acting head of the department of foreign languages, professional direction Olena Mukolaivna Galinska.
The dean of the faculty Victor Fyodorovich thanked the team for the fruitful work, wished the creative enthusiasm, the highest professional achievements and personal victories, successes in realization of new scientific and professional plans!
The results of the past year were brought up and the staff of the hotel-restaurant and tourist business faculty determined the strategic development benchmarks for 2018-2019. The school year and in the long run.

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